We accept items on consignment by appointment.

Please email to schedule an appointment. 

1. BEFORE bringing your items in, please inspect them carefully. Clothing should be clean and in ready to wear condition. We cannot accept items that have defects such as:

  • Wrinkles, stains, or fading

  • Missing buttons or broken zippers

  • Loose seams or hemlines

  • Lint, “pills”, or pet hair

  • Odors of any kind

  • Deodorant stains in the armpit 

2. Shoes and purses must be free of soil and dust, and must be in “ready to use” condition.

3. We will only accept items in season. We will not hold items until the next season. As a guideline, we normally start accepting Spring/Summer items in March and Fall/Winter items in September.

4. We will inspect items brought to us and determine if we will take it on consignment or not. Some reasons we may not take items have to do with condition, if the item is not on trend, or if we already have similar items. Items that are chosen will be itemized and priced. The list will then be sent to the consignor by email.**

**If the consignor does not receive an email, it is up to the consignor to check in. Often times, an email will end up in the Spam folder or the email may not have been sent yet. It is the consignors responsibility to confirm that the list they receive is accurate. Any error in itemization or description can be corrected. 

5. We require all consignors to have an email address as this is the best way for us to communicate and to keep track of correspondences.

6. We will tag your items and will determine the price based on the current resale value, brand and condition of the item.

7. If a consignor has brought in an item that is not selling, the consignor can pick up unsold items OR the item can be marked as 'For Donation' by the consignor. Once an item is listed as donation, it may remain in the store for a time until the next donation pick up. At this time, the items 'belongs' to LPB and will not be accounted for from that date forward. 

8. If your items sell, you will receive 40% of the sale price. You can also choose store credit instead of cash.

9. After 60 days, La Petite Boutique reserves the right to place the item on sale at up to 50% off.

10. If an item has been at LPB for 90+ days without contact from the consignor, LPB reserves the right to mark the item as 'for donation' on behalf of the consignor. 

11. After 90 days if a consignor does not reach out to LPB to settle up an account, LPB holds no responsibility for the account either monetarily or for the items left at LPB.

12. Payments are not automatically generated. If you plan to cash out or decide to pick up unsold items, you must inform us at least 48 hours in advance so that we have the cash and items ready and available to give.

13. If a consignor has a credit balance of more than $50 and wants to cash out, La Petite Boutique reserves the right to pay consignor in installment payments versus one lump sum until balance is paid in full to consignor. 

14. If hangars or bags are brought in and left with items, you may or may not have them returned to you. 

15. Please, if you have any emotional attachment to items, do not consign them with LPB.

Thanks for your cooperation!